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Holly had a wonderful first day at Albon….she slept all the way home! We are so impressed with the attention Kelsey and Jonathan give to all the dogs and the end of day report given to us. We feel very confident Holly will fit in?

Our Pricing Plans & Membership Packages



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We have 3 seperate play areas dedicated to all dogs needs and spend a lot of time during our days playing with your dog(s).


Our Doggy Barn is fully heated and Air Conditioned. We have 3 different room sizes and crates for dogs that do good in crates.


All dogs get a chance to run and play during the day. Our pens have shelter so even on those colder and wetter days, they still exercise.



As you have probably seen on our Facebook Page, we love taking photos of your dog(s) and they love getting their photos taken.


Albon Bathing Services

We always love to say “A dirty dog is a happy dog”, however that does not mean that they must go home dirty!
Our bathing services will ensure that your “dirty” happy dog will go home sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

Our Bathing Service includes the following:

  • Bathing (with pet friendly shampoo)
  • Drying (with professional dog dryers)
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Clipping
  • Full Brush out

Please note: We do not offer full grooming services

If you are interested in getting your dog(s) nails clipped without our full bathing service we charge $15 (tax included).

Contact us to book today!

Sample Pricing

  • Small Dogs

    The average price for small dogs is between $25-$35. This depends on the temperament, coat, and condition that your dog(s) are in.

  • Medium Dogs

    The average price for medium dogs is between $35 to $55. This depends on the temperament, coat, and condition that your dog(s) are in.

  • Large Dogs

    The average price for large dogs is between $55-$120. This depends on the temperament, coat, and condition that your dog(s) are in.


Our Story


Located on the Old Northwest Road, just outside Lunenburg Town, Albon Dog Ranch opened it’s door to the public on August 8th 2014.

When we first moved to Lunenburg, we were aiming for the clientele in Lunenburg. We then found a beautiful 2 acre property that was central to Lunenburg Town, Mahone bay, Blockhouse/Exit 11 being only 5 minutes from each and still only a short drive to Bridgewater and Chester!

Albon Dog Ranch is owned and operated by Kelsy & Jonathan Lyons. Kelsy has worked with dogs all her life from a young age.. They have three wonderful dogs of their own, Sprint (Border Collie), Tye (Border Collie) and Meka (Husky mix) and one cat Jibbr.

Kelsy worked in a dog boarding facility for 4 years and managed the facility when the owners were away dealing with large numbers of dogs at one time, working with all breeds of dogs, including aggressive dogs. Kelsy has attended dog seminars on Dog Nutrition in Dartmouth, NS and Dog Behavior at Guelph University and has also attended hands on training classes. She is also experienced in bathing, brushing out and nails.

Both Kelsy and Jonathan hugely believe that the dogs care comes first and believe in running a calm, happy facility for both clients and dogs. We want dogs to go home everyday with their tails wagging and sleep in their eyes!

Albon Dog Ranch specializes in Dog Daycare, Overnight Boarding and Long-Term Boarding. Albon Dog Ranch is fully heated using two forms of heat, a heat pump and a pellet stove and air conditioned and is a “DOG FRIENDLY” facility. There are 3 different sizes of Dog Rooms in our Doggy Barn, all will easily accommodate one large dog with the largest room able to accommodate 3-4 average size dogs from the same family.

At Albon Dog Ranch, we have 3 play pens. The main pen is approximately 5,000 sq feet with security and privacy fencing along with safety gates on both entrances for your pets. Our medium pen is approximately 2,500 sq ft. with privacy and security fencing and security gates. We also have a smaller pen for small and older dogs to stretch their legs and get some fresh air.


Contact Us

We always love to hear from our customers. Feel free to contact us at any time or schedule an appointment to come and see the ranch.


Business Hours


Monday – Friday7am – 6pm

Saturday8:30am – 5:30pm

Sunday8:30am – 2pm

Address100 Old Northwest Road, Lunenburg, NS, B0J 2C0


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