Payment required in advance and does not include the Daycare cost. All dogs must be in by 9am on the day of training

Once payment is made there are no refunds if you decide to cancel after the training has started. Cancellation by you of a class will be treated as a missed class and no classes will be added.

Albon Dog Ranch is delighted to announce the launch of our "Back to Basics" dog training program through our new Albon Dog Training Academy. All classes will be taught by Kelsy Lyons who has nearly 20 years experience with dogs. You will have a choice of 2 different programs. Choose from our 6 week program which offers 1 hour per week for 6 weeks or our 3 week program which offers 2 hours a week for 3 weeks. At the moment, these programs will only be available to existing clients who bring their dogs to regular Daycare or Boarding. Your dog(s) will have to come either 1 or 2 days a week depending on the program you choose.

These dog training programs are positive reinforcement training only as that is what we are experienced in, highly believe in and know that it works! The key to training a dog is training the owner. Because we are offering a 'Board and Train' program (Day or overnight) the owners will not be present however there will be videos uploaded showing your dog progress and key points will be given and discussed with you so you understand what to work on at home until the following session. This is not group classes but one on one training so your dog will get the attention he/she needs.

To enroll, please only use the form below. For general enquires please email or call (902) 640-2499.

What does the program entail?

During the 6 or 3 week program your dog will learn the following:
  • Sit

    Your dog will learn the sit command. We will also teach the hand signal for sit.

  • Down

    Your dog will learn the down command. We will also teach the hand signal for down.

  • Sit Stay

    Your dog will learn how to sit and stay.

  • Sit, Wait & Come

    Your dog will learn how to sit, stay and then to come.

  • Down Stay

    Your dog will learn how to lie down and stay.

  • Down Wait & Come

    Your dog will learn how to lie down, wait and come on command.

  • Back it Up

    Your dog will learn how to back up on command.

The reason why it is so important to do back to basic training is that when you own a dog(s), these commands are used in everyday life. Whether it is for "sit" before your treat or meal, "sit stay" because you are welcoming guests into your home, "sit wait and come" because I am getting ready to take you for a walk, "down" because it's wind it down time, "down stay" because I don't want you knocking over the children that are visiting, "down wait and come" because we are getting ready to go up to bed and "back it up" because I am trying to cook supper and you are in my space!

As kids we are taught manners and because dogs are such a huge and important part of our family, it is as important they know them too!

A certificate will be awarded by Albon Dog Training Academy upon successful completion of the 3 or 6 week course.